How to Find your Soulmate Dog

When you've made the decision to bring a loved one into your home - it may be overwhelming but exciting to research and bring home your new loved one. 

If you're a first timer at this, please do your research!  We cannot stress this enough.


Pet stores are actually NOT recommended to buy animals.  These old school pet stores are more concerned about profit than anything else.  Sadly, these puppies for profits are bred from a factory-like environment, aka puppy mills.  In puppy mills, dogs are housed in deplorable conditions, caged and forced to be bred over and over without proper companionship.  These poor mother dogs are then discarded or sold at auction when they are no longer able to birth these puppies for profit.  The puppies as a result may also have a ton of health issues.  It's a vicious cycle, and only through awareness, if we as a society stop buying from these stores, then the idea is that they will no longer be able to stay in business.  

People who have no idea about this, may be duped into purchasing these puppies via other avenues as well, such as Craigslist or the internet. They may use their listings as a guise, pretending to be puppy breeders sometimes, when they're in actuality sourced from puppy mills.  Buyer, beware.


We always support adopting animals above all else.  Due to overcrowding in shelters, sadly there is a high number of animals that are euthanized every year.  By adopting, you can help save a life, it's that simple.  

It's unfortunate but a lot of dogs and cats are brought to shelters due to moves, divorces, and other petty reasons - these animals deserve a second chance. 

Contact your local shelters or find a good animal rescue near you.  Some local news stations, city organizations, rescues, or pet boutiques host animal adoptions from time to time.  Find out if there will be an adoption event you can attend.


If you're set on getting a specific type of breed and can't find him at the shelter or animal rescue - which is fine, there's nothing wrong with that either, then you should do your due diligence to find a reputable breeder. Find a breeder with a good reputation, who provides the utmost care for their pets and understand how to raise their dogs and puppies in a happy and healthy environment. Visit their home, observe the interaction between breeder and pups, and ask questions.  For more tips on finding a responsible breeder, visit AKC's website.

Regardless of what avenue you choose, make sure each family member meets the new dog you are adding to your family.  Take your current situation into consideration.  If you have a baby or a young child for example, whether the dog is good around young kids.  All dogs have varying temperaments and require different needs.  Some larger dogs might require a big yard, and if you live in a small condo, this typically isn't fair for someone who needs ample space.  There are a lot of different factors when finding your doggie "soulmate" so take your time.  Before you know it, eureka!  You've found him! 

We were extremely lucky to come across Eggy through a reputable local breeder who raises their dogs in a household filled with love and extra care.  French bulldogs are a tougher breed to find - because they are harder to breed and because they are highly sought after, a lot of them may be bred simply as a business again, running into issues wildly similar to puppy mills.  One must be extremely careful when examining the breeder and determining whether they are responsible enough to produce happy, healthy pups.

There recently was an article regarding another local breeder who had all his animals seized because of the filthy hoarding conditions he was raising his animals - terrified, unhealthy, crated and covered in feces.  This made my heart drop and absolutely fearful for the others out there in the world that could do this to helpless little animals.  I'm thankful they uncovered this before it got even worse, put a halt to it, and saved the remaining dogs.

For every bad seed, hopefully there are 100s of good breeders.  As part of the research process, we immediately built an open and friendly rapport with an honest family breeder, visited their home to see the dogs for ourselves, and they passed our test with flying colors.  I'm certain they're happy to see their dogs in good hands - we still keep in touch with them via social media, not only do they get to see our little Eggy grow up, we can also see their dog family grow, too.

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