Ready to be Puppy Parents

A little over 4 years ago, my husband and I decided to take the plunge and bring a new family member into our lives.  The question of "are we ready?" to take on a new little 4-legged cutie was easily answered as "yes, let's do it!" without hesitation.

Meet Eggy: 

eggy approved puppy

Isn't he super adorable?!?!  We totally scored.

I would advise young couples and families to think thoroughly before committing to a new puppy in your life.  Our situation felt well-suited for adding a puppy into our home.  At the time, we were heading into our late 30's.  At this stage, we didn't feel like we were sacrificing much with a happy new addition.  Plus, both my partner and I have raised a number of dogs in our past, so we were definitely familiar with all the responsibilities that come along with becoming a proud doggy parent. 

I have run across an alarming number of people who have made the early mistake of bringing on a puppy without realizing the work that it would entail and all the sacrifices they would have to make.  This is the situation you do NOT want to be in.  If you've never had a dog before, it is an eye-opener to see all the energy it requires for a dog parent.  Much like raising a human child, raising a dog child requires a lot of time, patience, and hard work.  It's a big commitment, so just be sure to ask yourself, are you truly ready?

Since my husband and I are no longer the jet-setting, party-going, never home type, we had no problems hanging up our hats and staying in with our dog.  If you're the type to enjoy vacation after vacation, or simply overwhelmed with a full-time work load, having a puppy let alone dog is probably not in your best interest, unless you have someone close who is eager to watch your dogs for you.  I personally have a hard time leaving my dog in anyone else's care, so it's something I chose to give up once we got a puppy.  If we do ever need a little get-away, we only call on a couple of trustworthy relatives to watch Eggy while we're away.  

Dogs become a huge part of your family.  Much like people, dogs have personalities all of their own, and need a lot of extra love and attention.  Bringing Eggy into our lives has been THE best decision we've ever made. 

Of course, I have a bit of separation anxiety whenever we are apart, as many dog parents do.  I host conversations with Eggy on a regular basis.  Deep down, underneath that cute puppy exterior, is someone who understands and cares for me unconditionally.  I'm convinced he understands everything I say.  His ability to recognize words and commands is phenomenal.  But we'll get into that another time. 

Deciding to raise a puppy IS a big decision.  Don't let it be an impulse.  Just because you see a friend who has one, or because you think a dog would be a cute accessory are the wrong reasons.  However, if you think you have what it takes to raise or adopt a dog for the right reasons, then go for it!  Get ready to emBARK on your new journey together! 



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