The Eggy Review

  • Puppy's Firsts: Basic Things you Need for your Dog

    These are the basic essentials for your new found family member.  You can easily spoil them with things like clothes and more toys later..  but this should be a great starting point.  We took Eggy to our local California retailer Healthy Spot, which offers exceptional customer service (they always remember Eggy!) and offer the best advice.  The minute we took Eggy into the store, and plopped him onto this Jax & Bones bed, he was out for the count.
  • How to Find your Soulmate Dog

    How to Find your Soulmate Dog - Why you should Adopt, don't shop.
  • Ready to be Puppy Parents

    Dogs become a huge part of your family.  Much like people, dogs have personalities of their own, and need a lot of extra love and attention.  Bringing Eggy into our lives has been THE best decision we've ever made.