The Eggy Review

  • To Chew or Not to Chew: Should I give my dog a bone, rawhide, or bully stick?

    Should I give my dog chews or bone like treats?   My short answer, if you don't like to read long posts, is NO.

    If you want to know why I choose not to, read on.

  • What to Do When your Dog Has Allergies

    You've found out your dog has allergies, and you are wondering how you can help!  Connecting the dots and realizing certain foods or environmental allergens can cause your dog to have allergic symptoms is the first step in treating your furry friend.  These allergies may come out of nowhere.  Your dog may suddenly develop itchy skin, constantly scratching themselves.  Other times, they may be red around their mouth right after they eat.  Food allergies can also trigger symptoms such as inflamed and yeasty paws.  You may start noticing your dog constantly laying down and licking their paws.  In other cases, dogs may also exhibit stomach issues such as vomiting or diarrhea.  
  • Foods Dogs Can't Eat

    As you know there are a wide array of foods that dogs must avoid at all costs.  Because their biological makeup is different than humans, a lot of the food that we eat is NOT safe for dogs.  Some are even toxic and deadly, so prior to giving your dog something you should always Google and check to see if this is something your dog can eat. 
  • Finding a Great Vet for your Dog

    You will want to do your research before selecting the right vet.  You may want to ask people you trust for their recommendations maybe they have a good relationship with their pets' veterinarians.  You can ask neighbors, or friends or coworkers to see their experience with their own vets.