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Whoever classified French Bulldogs as those of the Non-Sporting variety, were clearly mistaken.  With every voracious sprint at the park chasing his favorite soccer ball, we are unbelievably blessed to have this fit and clever little cutie as our forever companion.  Eggy is more than just a dog, he is the love of our life - a testament to what it means to be raised not just as a dog, but as family!  He is glowing proof that you are what you eat, do, and surround yourself with.

Eggy running in the park.

The Eggy Review

We've had a lot of ups and downs, (mostly ups!) raising our little fella, and we are happy to share all the things that have worked for him, as well as some of the little strike outs.  We hope you understand that every dog is different, in health and personality, just like their humans.  But maybe just maybe, something we share rings true for you and if you can relate, then high-five!  

Shop Eggy Approved.

We are rolling out a collection of items for the love of dogs .   We make sure each item is Eggy tested, and Eggy approved.  We are based out of Sunny Southern California, and we make sure to ship out items with TLC within 1-2 business days.  If you want to give us a shout, we're easily reachable via email >> eggyapproved@gmail.com 

Eggy ponders in the mirror.

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